About CCSI

    CCSI is a privately-held, full-service consulting company, founded by Paul
    Hummel (Beechwood Data Systems, AudioAudit)). The company has offices
    in Saddle River, NJ and Greenwich, CT.   CCSI has successfully
    implemented projects for several Fortune 500 firms, including the Financial
    Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Media industries

    We employ 35 business and technology professionals. We have access to a
    greater pool of resources via CCSI corporate partners.  CCSI combines the
    strengths and resources of Beechwood Data Systems and AudioAudit.  Our
    Beechwood heritage provides turn-key project experience in mainframe,
    UNIX, and Microsoft environments, including strategic projects at three of
    the nation’s largest Telecom Service Providers.   Many of our projects
    included “surrounding” older, fragile legacy systems with UNIX or
    Microsoft front-end applications.  We enabled many clients, originally
    hesitant to modify older legacy applications due to cost or proprietary
    vendor IP, to maintain complex legacy applications while adding new
    functionality via cutting-edge front-end interfaces.  Eventually, the front-
    end applications became so functional that several legacy systems were
    safely retired.

    CCSI’s AudioAudit experience spotlights our Strategy and Process
    Automation capabilities, streamlining and eliminating manual work,
    dramatically reducing throughput time and providing a tangible return on
    information technology investment.  Process Automation enables our
    clients to eliminate mundane tasks, freeing them to spend more time on
    value-added, customer-focused activities.  CCSI’s architects and systems
    analysts have extensive experience evaluating and simplifying business
Collaborative Consulting Services, Inc.