A New Level of Collaboration                                    

    In a today’s fast-moving, complex, and demanding business world,
    collaboration is the imperative element required to achieve successful
    results.  Without collaboration, highly-trained work-forces, using the
    latest technology under the best conditions, will be strained to keep pace
    with contemporary demands for innovation and efficiency.

    Since 2001, Collaborative Consulting Services, Inc. (CCSI) has pioneered
    the values and techniques of a mutual and shared business philosophy
    through the creation of the Collaborative Business Experience.  

    CCSI partners with clients to deliver collaborative solutions.  We’re not
    simply software developers, we’re specialists.  We blend innovative
    systems development and integration with industry expertise, and build
    total solutions that are focused on growing our clients’ businesses through
    increased revenues and reduced costs.

    In the Financial Services sector our team of professionals is focused on
    delivering technologist that develop Equities, Foreign Exchange, Fixed
    Income, and Sales applications; specializing in development of Equity
    Derivative, Interest Rate Derivative and Credit Derivative systems.

    For our clients in Telecom and Media Services Industries we are focused
    on delivering IT services that recognize the convergence of voice, data,
    video, audio and wireless services. We understand the critical need of
    providing seamless integration of customer care, provisioning, content
    management, billing and maintenance systems.

    Key to our experience with collaborative techniques is that we listen
    before we build.  Our working relationships with our clients are
    partnerships.  We work with client IS and IT groups to cost-effectively re-
    engineer work flow and processes.  Combining our expertise with clients’
    management resources ensures that clients maintain control of the
    solution for cost-effective ease of integration and maximized ROI.

    CCSI provides premium support in the following disciplines:

    1.  Program Management
    2.  Process Re-engineering
    3.  Business and Technical Requirements
    4.  Software Development and Integration
    5.   Offshore Program Integration

    Partner with CCSI and become part of out truly Collaborative Business
Collaborative Consulting Services, Inc.